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D type serial air-coolers    
  The D type serial air-coolers (also called the cold air blower ) are that a kind of cooling which is suitable for various kinds of freezers (such as the building construction freezer or the association freezer ) cools the equipment, D type serial air-coolers are DL , DD and DJ type three kinds of patterns, is suitable for the warm freezer of different storehouses respectively. It has compact , light structure, does not take up the use area of the freezer , the storehouse is warm and even , the high advantage of efficiency, make the food preserved in the freezer lower the temperature rapidly, have improved freshness degree which preserves the food greatly .
  Use of the products: D type serial air-coolers can form a complete set with the compression condensation aircrew of different refrigeration quantity , in the warm freezer of different storehouses, as the refrigeration equipment, among them DL type is suitable for the storehouse warmly it is about 0 degrees Centigrade of freezers, such as keeping the fresh egg or the freezer of the vegetables; Suitable for DD it is for- about freezer of 18 degrees Centigrades since storehouse the warm,as in such refrigeration of food not frozens as kind , fish ,etc. spend; It suitable for storehouse of DL it is the warm for- 25 degrees Centigrades or can't lower than- freezer of 25 degrees Centigrades, or can't nurse one's health the not quick-freezing not spending of food of as fresh meat or fresh fish products.
  Characteristic of the products: 1.The shell is adopted and gushes out the craft of moulding or gins cotton the aluminium board, there is the strong one that is able to bear corrosivity , the appearance is elegant in appearance. 2.The serpentine is fixed up by way of novelty, by reducing the side overcast strength of a little windy, after each, and then risen and manage and wrap up in aluminium wing slice the steel tube closely through the liquor pressure, reduce and exposed to thermal resistance, improve and spread thermal efficiency . 3.Products after trying pressing, undergo three second rare in intraductal washing, in order to remove intraductal greasy dirt, moisture content and oxidize skin,etc. chlorine. After users fill and enter the refrigeration pharmaceutical can present and cause by greasy dirt of incidental in the system and expand valve person who stop up trouble. 4.Select the special-purpose wind electromechanics machine for use, so as to ensure that runs well under the moist low-temperature state. 5.Adopting the insulating strong Model U tube electric heat to be in charge of, the electric heat is in charge of inserting one intraductally, defrost time short, effectual. 6.Adopt the shape hanger of trough , hoist it conveniently. 7.All the process is protected and pressed and fill the nitrogen to deal with before dispatching from the factory.
〖Main technical parameter of DD type serial cold air blowers 〗 〖Main technical parameter of DJ type serial cold air blowers 〗 〖Main technical parameter of DL type serial cold air blowers〗

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