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★FN type serial air-cooled condensers ★D type serial air condenser ★The small-scale cold-stored cupboard uses the DE type cold air blower
★Filter (dry filter) ★Liquid storing device (angry liquid separator , muffler) ★Heterotypic three direct links ★Aluminium oil graticule mesh
FN type serial air-cooled condensers    
   FN type serial air-cooled condensers are one kind, with the turning on type, condenser together of semi-closed and all closed compressors specially, the area of heat dissipation is by 2 --300m2, the FN type air-cooled condenser has two kinds of forms : FNH type and FNV type, whether FNH type or sucks the wind type for the level drying type, the FNV type, for the vertical wind sucking type, FNH type suitable for totally closed compressor or semi-closed to compress aircrew is it compress condensation aircrew to install, the Model FNV condenser is suitable for forming a complete set with the big cold quantity compressor, the condenser is installed and connected with the compressors in order to replace the water-cooling condenser with the pipeline outdoors alone.
〖Detailed technical parameter 〗    

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